BREAKING: MUTINY IN NORTH KOREA: Soldiers Arrested After What They Did To Mentally Ill Kindergartener Dictator

General Robert E. Lee famously said:
“It is good that war is so horrible, or we might grow to like it.”

I think the reason that we might grow to like it is because it’s the ultimate in deciding dominance, and the power can change hands at any moment. Now, leaders around the world are sitting back and sizing up President Trump as he makes a move to prove to the world that America will no longer be a doormat.

North Korea has an especially good reason to be stressed right now. Not only has their leader shown defiance at every turn, ignoring every effort at a diplomatic end to his tyranny, but they’re now basically flipping the bird to a nation with warships at their front door. They’ve seen what the President did in Syria and Afganistan, and it’s not good for those who would oppress their own people and defy the free world. It is, however, good for the oppressed citizens under any dictator who thinks he can treat people of the human race in any way he wants. American might not want to start World War III, but I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question if the lives of innocents were being ruined by the millions and it couldn’t be stopped any other way.

That’s why it’s not all that surprising to hear of stirrings inside the military of North Korea. Reports are that there has been a little bit of name calling and finger pointing among those who have worked around North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un. Maybe people just finally have the guts to stand up to him, and maybe those who see the way this standoff is bound to turn out have decided to let their allegiances known.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Chosun reports via Google Translate:

It is reported that North Korean people’s army officers slandered the chairman of Kim Jong-un as a mental illness or a kindergarten, and the parties and their families were arrested and investigated.

According to a report by the US Free Asia Radio (RFA) on March 13, North Korean military officials and soldiers have recently been accused of slandering Kim Jong Eun,

RFA quoted a source in South Hwanghae Province as saying, “The words that compare Kim Jung Eun to kindergarten nowadays are spreading secretly among the People’s Army soldiers.” “The contents of the 2 Corps soldiers slandering Kim Jung Eun are also reported to the People’s Army General Political Bureau. It is being done. ”

The source said, “The two corps with the slander case called Kim Jong Eun as a mental illness” epilepsy “(epilepsy and epilepsy) and called it” kindergarten. “” Kim Jong Eun is as outrageous as his grandfather Kim Il Sung and his father Kim Jong Il It is also called ‘squid Kim’ as a meaning.

The source said the incident was serious in that the two corps were in the forefront. “The 2nd Corps, located in the Central Front, was known as the” Baekdu Mountain Tiger Corps “when the former Chief of Staff of the Korean People’s Army was in command of the army. However, since the corruption has been the most severe in the People’s Army, “He said.”‘

Does anybody remember the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes? Basically, this self-centered emperor who wanted everyone to think he was so smart got taken for a ride by some tailors who created these “clothes” and said only the “special” people could see them. The Emperor was so caught up in being considered special that he went around naked until one little boy pointed out his shame. I’m not sure if the Hans Christian Anderson had every been to the U.S., but in my mind that little boy is American. Because as Americans we are free thinkers and free agents. No, other countries may not like that we’re pointing the finger at a dictator who the rest of the world has let get out of hand but pointing a finger is better than turning a blind eye. Yes we will have to speak up and yes it will be uncomfortable but it’s the right thing to do, and doing the right thing is part of what’s going to make America great again.

 To those men and women who’ve experienced oppression and still stood up to say what needed to be said; thank you for showing the world the chink in North Korea’s awful oppressive armor. That is the embodiment of the American spirit, and we can’t wait to meet you some day, very soon.

(Source: Gateway Pundit)

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