BOOM! Norway Had Enough of Islamic Migrants, Deported 824, Guess What Instantly Happened Next?

Norway has been getting a lot of objection over their recent decision to deport Islamic immigrants.

As America gears up to take in hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees, Norway is sending them back.

For Years Norway had an open immigration policy, but now that the nation has elected the conservative party to power they are changing their minds on keeping Islamic Muslims in their country.

The new prime Minister, Erna Solberg, has received a lot of flack for her mission to began deporting Muslims that have ties to radical groups, but she has continued on with her plan to deport any Muslims who belong to radical mosques or threaten violence against “non-believers”. She’s not only sending the radical individual home but their entire family too. Deporting 824 Islamic Migrants recently has done a great amount of good for the country of Norway.

Norwegian authorities claim that 824 people were deported in October, for the small country, that’s a huge number.”


Norway has discovered that carrying out the unpopular decision to deport radical Muslims has allowed something incredible to occur. Norway is experiencing a massive decline in violent crime. The country’s violent crimes are down more than 31% in less than 2 months since the Muslim deportation has begun. These aren’t petty crimes that are lowering, these are VIOLENT crimes. The authorities of Norway have attributed the success of their deportation process to “portfolio priorities” which has essentially made it easier to find individuals who poses the greatest threat to civility and deport them back to Nigeria & Afghanistan.

While left-wing Americans would call this unfair to target and profile a certain race or religion, it’s undeniable that the system is working for Norway and making a safer place for its citizens.

Nations that have elected Conservative governments are realizing that the policies that allow Muslim refugees to freely come into their country are what is destroying them from the inside out. After years — decades in fact — of open immigration policies many European nations are now overwhelmed by the consequences.

Keeping up with who is a threat and who is peaceful is getting more difficult. The conservative nations are understanding the dangers of blindly welcoming all Islamic refugees, but it seems that if a government has left-wing leadership the policies on excepting Muslim immigrants remains unchanged.

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