NOT SO TOLERANT: Deranged Leftists Vandalized Donald Trump’s Massachusetts Headquarters

From GWP:

Guest post by Aleister
Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign headquarters was vandalized with vulgar graffiti. Offensive images have been blurred out. (Image Credit:

pig trump hq
Leftists vandalized the Trump headquarters in Massachusetts over the weekend.

Another Donald Trump campaign office was vandalized this weekend, this time in Massachusetts.

Of course, the state’s numerous Democrats have remained completely silent. Had this been a Planned Parenthood office on the other hand…

The Boston Herald reports:

Bay State Dems show true colors

Liberal Massachusetts should be ashamed of itself.

It pretends to be pro-diversity and tolerant of others while driving around the very blue state with Co-Exist bumper-stickers. But the truth is, most liberals only tolerate those who agree with them.

And that transparent phoniness and hypocrisy shined through — for all to see — this weekend when GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s new Massachusetts campaign headquarters in Littleton was vandalized with vulgar graffiti.

Yesterday, vandals spray-painted Trump’s new campaign facilities with a phallic symbol, curse words, “pig” and Nazi references spray painted across windows.

Did U.S. Sen. Liz Warren or any of the powerful pols that represent Massachusetts denounce the vile act? Did they tweet, “This type of hateful rhetoric and disgraceful assault on free speech won’t stand in a democracy that welcomes diversity of opinion?”

Did they post on Facebook that this type of “hate speech” directed at a Republican presidential candidate doesn’t speak to their “values”?

Crickets …

Keep this in mind the next time Democrats lecture the country about needing a new tone in politics.



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