Nothing To See Here, Just The Clinton Foundation Taking $25K From A Known Pedophile…


Bill’s BFF at one point… Via Capitol City Project:

After media outlets claimed Bill severed his friendship with the man.

In 2005, Bill Clinton reportedly cut ties with Jeffrey Epstein — a man who was charged with paying a 14-year old girl for an erotic massage and would later plead guilty and spend 13 months in prison.

“Clinton apparently turned his back on Epstein in 2005 — the year the financier was first arrested for receiving an “erotic massage” from a minor, according to the 2011 court records, related to a suit brought by women who claimed the businessman abused them.

Before that, Clinton was a frequent flier on the moneyman’s private jet.

The documents clearly show that Clinton flew with Epstein and then suddenly stopped, raising the suspicion that the friendship abruptly ended, perhaps because of events related to Epstein’s sexual abuse of children,” the documents state,” reports the New York Post. In fact, the pair was so close, it was later discovered that Epstein had 21 phone numbers for Clinton.

However, despite the alleged cutting of ties, the Clinton Foundation had no problems accepting a hefty check from Epstein’s foundation under a year later.

On July 16, 2006, the C.O.U.Q. Foundation — in which Epstein served as president — sent a lofty $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation according to IRS tax forms and first reported by The Weekly Standard.

The incident that reportedly broke the ties between Clinton and Epstein — which didn’t appear to be broken at all given the unrestricted donation after the legal problems began to boil — stemmed from Epstein receiving the “erotic massage” at his Palm Beach mansion in 2005. Epstein paid the 14-year-old girl $200.

“The police submitted the results of their investigation to the state attorney, asking that Mr. Epstein be charged with sexual relations with minors. His lawyers say Mr. Epstein never knew the young women were under age, and point to depositions in which the masseuses — several of whom have filed civil suits — admitted to lying about their age,” the New York Times reported in 2008. “In July 2005, a Florida grand jury charged Mr. Epstein with a lesser offense, soliciting prostitution.”

This wouldn’t be the end to the problems for Epstein, as he’s re-entered the news after a federal lawsuit was filed in Florida by Virginia Roberts who claimed he kept her as a teen “sex slave” and paid her $15,000 to bed a prince.

According to the New York Post:

“A teenage “sex slave” says she was paid $15,000 for bedding Britain’s Prince Andrew by the American billionaire who served as the royal’s procurer.

Virginia Roberts was 17 when Wall Street honcho and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly pimped her out to the prince.

“A lot of powerful men were part of Jeffrey’s scene, but I specifically remember Andrew,” Roberts told Britain’s Daily Mail.

Now the 30-year-old mom of three is fighting back with a federal lawsuit filed in Florida, accusing Epstein, who she says used her like a “sex slave,” of loaning her out to Andrew.”
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