Notice Hillarys Sunglasses She Was Wearing When She Collapsed?

For anyone who denounced the questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health as mere “conspiracies,” what happened yesterday should cause you to reconsider. She Left the 9/11 memorial earlier, then passed out right before her departure.

The campaign quickly cycled through a series of different responses, starting with complete silence and secrecy; to the excuse that she fainted because she “overheated”… in 77-degree weather; to revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days prior, but they had kept this secret until forced to disclose it. Her campaign claims she’s recovering and has canceled her planned trips in California today and tomorrow so she can instead rest at home in New York. (Or perhaps spend two full days away from the press while she and her team refine their “story.”)

Can anyone explain why Hillary didn’t disclose to the public that she was sick with a contagious condition, and continued to make public appearances despite the fact that it likely worsened her health? Because she planned on powering through it, hoping that the news would never be made public.

Now, even those previously criticizing those who would dare question Hillary’s health are changing their minds.


Now, all eyes are on Hillary. One point of detail that people have been paying attention to is Hillary’s sunglasses. As the critics of Hillary’s health are pointing out, those could be for something more than a simple diagnosis of pneumonia. As the Gateway Pundit reported:

Hillary has been sick for some time and the major media will not report on it. But on the internet the news is much more accurate and up to date. One post on Twitter pointed out that Hillary was the only one wearing sunglasses at the 9-11 event and suggested that the glasses are not regular sun glasses.  That is why she was wearing them. The glasses worn by Hillary are recommended for seizure patients.


For anyone wants to see what Hillary seizing looks like, watch the video below:

What in the world is she hiding? After denying all criticisms of her health, she’s now acknowledging to the public that there are, in fact, health problems. Her campaign assures us that aside from the pneumonia diagnosis, she has no other health problems, but this is from a campaign that a day prior had maintained that she had zero health problems.

The truth is going to come out eventually – we can just hope it comes out prior to November 8th.

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