Did You Notice Something Strange About all The London BLM Protesters?

Plane Stupid? How freaking perfect a name is that? It describes these asshats brilliantly. Nine protesters showed up at the London City Airport to protest climate change as a racist issue. Before I go on, may I just say, huh? What does racism have to do with climate change? What bullcrap. All nine of the morons were white by the way. So now comes the accusations that Black Lives Matter, at least in the UK, has been highjacked by Green Peace and white people. They denied it, but it sure looks that way to me.

BLM UK was johnny-on-the-spot to defend the all-white protest as “white allyship under black leadership”. Yet many fellow “anti-racist” activists were not satisfied. Can you blame them? I think Black Lives Matter is basically a terrorist group, but if you are going to have ‘black’ in your name for racial issues, shouldn’t at least some of you be… you know… actually ‘black’?

From Breitbart:

Black Lives Matter UK (BLM UK) has been forced to deny they’ve been “hijacked” by white people and Greenpeace after they held an all-white protest focused on climate change.

On Tuesday morning, BLM UK “shut down” London City Airport because “environmental inequality is a racist crisis” and “impact[s] on the lives of black people locally and globally”.

Many people online were confused how climate change was suddenly a “racial issue”, as the group claimed.

It was then observed that all nine of the activists involve where white, with it later emerging that they probably came from the environmental group Plane Stupid, who have organised numerous similar protests at airports.

Lee Jasper, a former adviser to the Mayor of London on race relations and the chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts UK, slammed the BLM UK protest for being white and focusing on climate change. “It’s cultural appropriation. Even our struggle [is] no longer our own,” he wrote on Twitter. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I agree. This time, it certainly is cultural appropriation and it is just lame beyond belief. “This looks like an action to grab publicity rather than a sustainable campaign supported by black communities,” he added. “I doubt that closing London Airport would have been a priority choice supported by black communities.”

It’s hardly surprising that these people aren’t black. The Black Lives Matter movement was originally backed by white communists. So, if they can’t get black people to do their dirty work, they’ll get anyone they can. They aren’t picky. They care more about the red of the movement, than the black of it.

Jasper accused the activists of being “SWP [Socialist Workers Party] members” and said they should focus on deportations, not environmental issues, and then retweeted an activist claiming BLM UK “has been taken over by GreenPeace”. Other retweets raged: “Thus Far I’ve noted that Not one of those City Airport Protestors was Black… One of the WHITE MIDDLE-CLASS CITY AIRPORT Protestors is an OXFORD Uni Student! Am I missing something here??”

The BLM UK leader charged back saying that it was intentional that everyone at the protest was white, because climate change is the fault of white people. I kid you not. Jasper was told that he was ‘out of touch’ and castigated for even thinking of attacking BLM UK. BLM is the same the world over evidently… full of useful idiots.



A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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