Notice Anything Strange About This Female College Basketball Player?

Ugh, as if life wasn’t confusing enough in college…. imagine running into this person in the women’s locker room? Robert John Ludwig played college basketball in 1980 at Nassau Community College which would normally disqualify him to play later at a different college at 50-yrs-old. He found an ingenious loophole to this rule— get a sex change.

Yep, Ludwig gained another 2 years of eligibility by editing his private parts which allowed his previous sports history to be wiped off his record. That’s some dedication to basketball.


The National Center for Lesbian Rights released a series of proposed guidelines for how schools and coaches should deal with transgender athletes.

“Transgender student athletes should be able to use the locker room, shower, and toilet facilities in accordance with the student’s gender identity,” the report stated.

Ludwig wouldn’t necessarily be considered a lesbian… but I guess there’s no ‘National Center for Transgender Rights’ yet! Someone has got to stand up for men who have spent up their basketball career and want another chance in a field where the athletes don’t have the same genetic chances as a male. Pretty soon Women’s Basketball won’t be played by original females anymore… just by 50-yr-old has-beens who want to game the system so they can experience the ‘glory days’ once again at an unfair advantage.

So what do you think? Is it fair for anyone to start playing sports at a different gender after they lost eligibility at their previous gender? Please tell me in the comment section below…

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