NRA Posts Awesome Response To Kardashian Robbery And Pissed Off Every Liberal!

At first, I didn’t want to touch this story either, but it just has too many outpoints. Plus Kim Kardashian is a supreme hypocrite. She is all for gun control and her foray into Paris made her a victim because of it. Kim and Kanye went to Paris so she could go to a fashion event and he could sing at a concert. They are not my favorite people, to say the very least and they are attention whores, so this is less than shocking.

Tell me if you think this sounds suspicious… Kim tells her personal bodyguard to take a hike with her sisters to a nightclub or something. Her only security was the night watchman, who was easily taken out of the picture. She claims five thugs dressed as cops (naturally) broke in and put a gun to head… then gagged and taped her to a chair in her bathroom. First she said it was $6.4 million in jewels stolen… now it’s $10 million. And not a mark on her. If it did happen, she got a severe reality check on gun control – it only applies to good people… bad guys are going to get armed no matter what.

The NRA had a field day with the ‘gun activist’ on Twitter. It was epic.

From Allen West:

Until today, it seems every media outlet except ours has reported on the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian in her hotel room in Paris. We aren’t ones to get involved with celebrity gossip – and we didn’t think there was a political angle to the story regardless.

As it turns out, we were wrong. Ironically, the celebrity is strongly in favor of gun-control, and was robbed in a city that has strict gun control. The NRA took to twitter to hilariously troll Kardashian following the robbery.

Not that long ago, Kim’s hubby Kanye was on Twitter and Facebook begging for money. Considering they are worth millions, that is alarming. Given that incident, can you blame the Paris police for looking into this whole thing as possibly insurance fraud? I sure can’t. West was informed of Kim’s plight mid-concert and he dramatically walked off the stage citing a family emergency.

One wonders why the thieves didn’t take Kim as well… her ransom would have been worth millions. Curioser and curioser. I’ve never known violent thugs like that to be gentle in handling their victims either. The whole thing looks like a setup from beginning to end to me.

The NRA had little sympathy for Kim. They nailed her on gun control and their Twitter stream was actually amusing. Did you know there are twice as many illegal weapons in Paris now as legal ones? Gun control has failed massively there. Crime is rampant. All the authorities have done is strip citizens of their best means to protect themselves… they have put them at the mercy of the bad guys. The NRA’s response was awesome and spot on. Oh, and it really pissed off liberals… good times.






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