NRA Is Now Being Blamed For The Most RIDICULOUS Thing Yet — Not On Trump’s Watch!

The NRA is a favorite scapegoat for the Left, which they’ll attack after any crime committed with a gun regardless of circumstance.

Does it matter if someone carried out a massacre that no proposed gun control regulations would’ve prevented? Nope – blame the NRA! Does it matter if an Islamist extremist shoots up a gay nightclub out of a religiously inspired hatred? Nope! Does it matter that the only reason the NRA is so powerful is because it has millions of members because it represents the wishes of the American people? Nope – just portray them as some lobbying group acting as an arm of the firearms industry.

The Left will never give up a chance to attack the NRA, and they’ve proven that with the latest tragedy they’re blaming them for: Chicago’s gun violence. Yes – that Chicago with among the strongest gun laws in the nation. The same Chicago that had up until recently wouldn’t even let gun ranges legally in the city.

As Breitbart reported:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL-4) made the rounds on MSBNC and CNN, dismissing President Donald Trump’s offer to help Chicago end gun violence, and blaming the NRA for the death and mayhem currently marring the Windy City.

Gutierrez was reacting to Trump’s description of the “carnage” in Chicago and his pledge to intervene federally if city leaders fail to stop the violence. On January 24 Trump tweeted:

The following day, Gutierrez appeared on All In With Chris Hayes and said, “[President Trump] tweets about the “carnage” and that he’s going to send the feds in. Did he send any extra money for police officers? We could use that, for training.” He noted that Trump is increasing the number of Border Patrol agents on the southern border and said Chicago would like to have more federal agents–ATF and FBI–in the city as well.

Then Gutierrez said:

But…[President Trump is] with the NRA. The NRA that endorsed him, [that is]…so part of his relationship. You know that NRA did? It crippled the laws of the city of Chicago and the courts, so that we cannot keep guns off our streets.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure there’s a rebuttal to such a claim other than “HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

How desperate do you have to be to make Chicago your example of what happens when you don’t have enough gun laws? I’d like to see Gutierrez list a single city that has more gun control laws than Chicago – but I doubt he could do that… and neither can I.

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