NSA WHISTLEBLOWER: Trump Was Right About Wiretapping—Look Who Ordered It!

After President Trump made allegations that the former Obama administration wiretapped his 2016 campaign a House Committee began to investigate the allegations. Liberals automatically dismissed it as not true. But the mainstream liberal media ran with it. Democrats chastised him for what they called lying. While Republicans called for an investigation.

On a segment of Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News he referenced a NSA whistleblower who was fired in 2001 who told the media outlet the President most definitely was surveilled. This former employee left the NSA for what was allegedly the organization creating mass surveillance systems.

The former thirty year employee was Bill Binney. As Carlson noted, he isn’t just speculating because he has several decades of experience with this. Binney said the NSA has a name for the database system of information they gather called Stellar Wind. As he noted, it is a domestic system of information on citizens of the United States.

It goes as far as high profile politicians who Binney says are not immune to data collection. Members of the Senate, Supreme Court, and Congress have their data collected by the NSA as well. As Carlson pointed out this is borderline East German. It’s illegal but the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees have done nothing.

Which very well could mean the President was easily surveilled. Whether he was wiretapped or not is still up for debate. But to think someone like Donald Trump of his power is not being surveilled when it appears everyone else is would be naive.

The President’s allegations of wiretapping aren’t so far fetched. But because Democrats don’t want to admit what their President did they are refusing to acknowledge this evidence. But the fact remains. If the President is in this danger God only knows what it is like for everyone else.

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