In an effort to garner support for gun control, liberals often say there’s absolutely no reason for an individual to own an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. In fact, this position was notoriously defended by Redcoat Piers Morgan on CNN until he was fired. Piers rejected the possibility of a tyrannical government rising in America in the next 50 to 100 years.

Well, there’s also another reason to own an AR-15 for folks in Ferguson, MO. During the riots that followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson, dozens of businesses were looted and burned. However, one group of business owners saved their strip mall shops by standing guard outside their shops armed with AR-15s. These are the same weapons liberals falsely claim are “assault weapons.”

From The St.Louis Post-Dispatch:

Along West Florissant just north of 270, in Greystone Plaza, about 20 men with handguns and AR-15 rifles stood around the perimeter of the parking lot, guarding the dozen or so stores.

They estimated that 100 cars had come by throughout the night, seemingly to check the place out, but turned away.

Mike Cross, the owner of St. Louis Ink at the plaza, said: “There’s nothing in this strip mall open, so you’re going to get scrutinized.”

The strip mall had been hit by vandals soon after the shooting in August.


via DailyJournal:

A couple miles north of the police station, about six men stood in front of Greystone Plaza, a small shopping center that had been looted soon after the Michael Brown shooting in August. The men wore masks and carried handguns and AR-15 rifles.

“I will definitely call police first,” in case the store sees trouble, said St. Louis Ink Tattoo studio owner Mike Cross, 35. “We are not trigger happy by any means. We all have families, and homes and vehicles and bills. So this place cannot go anywhere.”

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