Obama’s Muslim Migrants Planned a SICK Surprise For a Nurse Who Came To Their Rescue

I hate to throw people’s kids in the mix when wishing for revenge…but perhaps Meryl Streep’s daughter will come across the charms of these migrants her mother is so furiously advocating for.

Recently a young nurse was walking to her car after work at a nearby hospital when she heard cries for help not far away from her at a park. It takes a special kind of evil to play on someone’s kindness, especially that of a nurse, in order to trap and rape her.

Police are still on the hunt for the five men who lured her into the park with fake cries for help then beat her unconscious and sexually attacked her.

But when she rushed into the dark space to offer assistance she was set upon by five men and was beaten unconscious and mugged.

Police said there was also evidence that the gang had sexually abused their victim, and that they were not talking German to one another during the attack.

Officials say that there is nothing at this stage to suggest that the men involved in the horrific assault were recently arrived refugees. But come one? Who do they think they are kidding? According to statistics, 77% of rapes in Sweden occur by 2% of the male Muslim population! That is OUTRAGEOUS! I realize Sweden and Germany are two separate countries but they are near each other, that’s really scarry!

Officers said that when the young men were bored with her they left the young woman alone and unconscious in the park, when she woke up several hours later she called the emergency services herself.

When paramedics arrived they found her suffering from hypothermia and some of her clothes had been torn from her body.

Police are searching for witnesses to the horrific attack, and have released descriptions of the men based on the woman’s recollections.

Germany has been shaken due to the large number of sex attacks, many carried out by recently arrived refugees.

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