NY Judge Gives ISIS-Loving Muslim Cab Driver ‘The Obama Treatment’

Wow. This is one dumbass judge! For sure one of Obama’s friends. This cab driver should be deported to Syria. Wait, then he’d actually be able to join ISIS like he wants. Let’s be proactive about this.  Any Muslim who states they want to join ISIS should be locked up for good. That way we’d at least prevent a possible future terror attack. Of course that’s not going to happen under our current pres. He’s bringing more of these scum rats here. What a loser.

Can’t wait until this president is gone. The country will be a whole lot safer.


From Truth and Action

In New York City’s most recent display of liberal lunacy, Judge Kevin Casey refused to revoke the license of a taxi driver who “terrified” an Australian businessman last November by making pro-ISIS statements and claiming to have a bomb in the taxi.

The judge must have taken a page or two out of Obama’s guide on handling terrorists, which is with kid gloves, gifts and a nod and wink.  It is clear that the lenient punishment of Islamic terrorists by the President is having a trickle-down effect.  Undoubtably, if the man had been a white Christian committing a microagression he would have been punished much more severely.

Perhaps we have even stumbled onto the real reason President Obama wants to empty out the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba–he wants to send them all to New York to drive taxis!

After determining that Hisham Ahmed’s comments about wanting to join ISIS and claiming he had a bomb in his taxi were “out of character,” New York judge, Kevin Casey recommended that the New York City TLC suspend Ahmed for six months, and fine him $1,150.  While the TLC does not have to abide by the judge’s recommendation, it carries a great deal of weight.  The TLC expects to come to a decision in April on Ahmed’s punishment for his behavior that night–including smoking in the taxi, which with this judge’s mindset, may have been his greatest offense of the evening.

Listen to the judge attempt to rationalize his decision via the New York Post:

“The complaintant credibly testified that [Ahmed] repeatedly stated that he wanted to blow up the taxi cab,” the judge wrote in a March 16 decision.

“Those remarks were made late at night in the close confines of a taxi, less than two weeks after a horrific attack by terrorists in Paris.”

“[Ahmed] had already alluded to the Paris Attack and his desire to join ISIS,” he added. “Though the police later concluded that [Ahmed] did not pose a threat to the public, that finding did not diminish the distress endured by the complainant as he rode in the cab.”

Ahmed’s lawyer called the recommended penalty excessive.

“The police investigated Mr. Ahmed and found him to be no threat whatsoever,” said attorney Daniel Ackman.

Unfortunately for victims of terrorism from Paris, to Brussels, to New York, many of those terrorists were thought to be “no threat whatsoever” as well.  Not only does this ISIS-loving cab driver get to stay in our country and out of jail, but could be back driving his taxi by Thanksgiving or sooner.

Maybe he’ll even get a promotion and get to drive President Obama around in his limousine!

Source: New York Post

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