NY Liberal Marries 10 Muslims and Sneaks Them Into US, Begs For Help After Getting SICK ‘Wedding Gift’

The nauseating love affair between Muslims and liberals continues to unfold, as leftist morons across America continue to set out to prove that Islam is a “religion of peace.” Following President Trump’s ban to keep terrorists out of our country, liberals have been incessant in their efforts to fight him every step of the way, using our court system as a political weapon to bring these third world country savages in. Now one rabid liberal woman’s disgusting plot to defy Trump’s ban and sneak Muslim terrorists into our country by marring 10 men at the same time has just blown up in her face, after the long arm of the law finally caught up to her.

Apparently disgusted with Trump’s migrant ban, 39-year-old Liana Barrientos came up with a sickening plot to get Muslims into the United States with a outlandish scheme that has completely astonished the the state of New York. Barrientos would meet Muslims online from terror-ridden countries, where she would then marry the men so they could be granted immigration status and come to the United States.

Muslim lover and felon Liana Barrientos

As soon as the 10 separate wedding ceremonies to these men were over, the men would then apply for permanent status in the country. Astonishingly, Barrientos was married to all the Muslim men at the exact same time. In incidents that the men were denied the right to stay in America, they would simply file for divorce and submit new applications, lying that they were now married to a different woman.

Horrifically, these Muslim men from terror-ridden hotbeds in the Middle East were exactly what President Trump has been been fighting to keep out of America, as one of Barrientos’s husbands was immediately deported by authorities after making terroristic threats against our government.

The Bronx police department soon discovered the woman’s plot, and upon searching her residence found numerous marriage certificates in her possession that were obtained from multiple counties across the state. worldwideweirdnews.com reported:

“A woman of New York, married numerous men from terror prone countries in order for them to get green cards and be permitted to stay in the United States, police said.

The New York Police Department said that the woman was arrested on charges of offering false instruments after she was caught marrying men so that they can gain immigration status.

39-year-old Liana Barrientos of the Bronx, is accused of being married to 10 men at the same time. Barrientos married men from Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan and other countries.

One of the men was deported from the United States after making threats against the government.

Barrientos admitted to marrying people from red flagged terror prone countries like Pakistan, Georgia, Turkey, Mali and Egypt, in exchange for cash.

As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, seven husbands applied for permanent resident status in the country.

When some of them were denied, they filed for divorce and submitted new applications, stating that they were married to other women.

Barrientos was found in possession of numerous marriage certificates, which were obtained in several cities across the state, including Westchester County, Rockland County, and Long Island.”

Barrientos thought her plan was flawless, but in the end, her scheme to screw over Americans and defy our president blew up in her Muslim-loving face. She has been brought up on a plethora of serious charges that will likely land her four years in prison, including two counts of offering a false instrument for filing. Additionally, Barrientos was sentenced to undergo a drug treatment plan for 12 to 18 months.

It’s truly amazing the extent that liberals will go to in order to form an alliance with radical Muslims, as many leftists share many of the same anti-American sentiments that Islamists harbor towards our country. While we have an incredible president who is working day and night to uphold his campaign promise to “make America safe again,” more than ever, we need to keep a close eye on what’s happening in our cities and communities, as leftists are constantly scheming for ways to infiltrate our country with more Muslims.

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