NY Mayor Just Royally Screwed Hard-working Citizens By What He’s Forcing Them To Cover For Criminal Illegals

New York lawyers were just told they have to work for undocumented illegal immigrant criminals. This is thanks to Governor Cuomo’s allocation of $10 million that will be used to create a legal fund to provide defense services for criminals who should skip right to the deportation line. The criminal defense attorney’s forced to defend the illegal immigrants will likely need to hire, or work with, a translator, thus making the defense process even more difficult.

The argument many people have is that people who are undocumented illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes into the system, should not have access to taxpayer funded criminal defense attorneys. Sure, there’s a system in place, but these folks aren’t even American citizens, but they’re taking advantage of benefits that are provided for real Americans and people who become citizens.

Via IJR:

Governor Andrew Cuomo has allocated $10 million of New York’s fiscal 2018 budget to create a legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation.

The fund is “to ensure all immigrants, regardless of residency status, have access to representation,” according to a statement from the governor’s office.

The fund is being called the “Liberty Defense Project,” and it consists of public and private money. The Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Ford Foundation have added $1.5 million to the fund, bring the total to $11.5 million.

The liberty of America is that you can become a citizen and pay taxes like the rest of us. That’s what the liberty of living in America brings you. Taxation! If you’re not paying because you’re an illegal immigrant criminal, then you have two options: 1) get out or 2) pay up!

When he first announced the program, Governor Cuomo said that he was protecting the rights of New Yorkers:

“During these stormy times, it’s critical that all New Yorkers have access to their full rights under the law.”

CNN Money points out that, typically, undocumented immigrants do not have access to a free attorney, unlike their legal counterparts.

CNN Money pointed out something that was not fake news. If you’re not a citizen of the United States of America, then how can you possibly take advantage of the free services that our country offers. Leftists have trouble understanding that free American benefits are for the American people. If you want to take advantage of the things we offer, then just become a citizen. Maybe there’s a little bit of backlog and citizenship can be reformed to speed up the process, but then we flood our country with too many people and jobs wear thin for our residents. We can’t thin out the opportunities for our own people with any form of mass overpopulation.

While New York is the first state in the union to provide these kinds of services to immigrants, California and other cities such as Washington D.C. are attempting to come up with similar legislation.

I’m actually shocked that California isn’t an extension of Mexico by now. The liberals in that state have literally lost their mind doing some of the most stupid political moves and making horrible decisions over the last ten years.

I’d like to see Governor Cuomo allow some of the illegal immigrant criminals to live in his house. Maybe he can get a first hand look at the people he’s providing free criminal defense services to.  When he makes decisions like this, that irritate half the people in the state, then you have to look at why it’s wrong and why people are bothered by it. For starters, most people want American services to be used on Americans. We pay the taxes into it, so the benefits should be for us. Think about this – if there’s a backlog of criminal prosecutions that need to be defended, and our American citizens sit in jail LONGER because there’s thousands of illegal immigrants ahead of them in line for the free defense, then our own people sit in jail while the illegal immigrant gets serviced before them.

Is that fair? Our criminals should come before theirs! Our criminals are more important because they’re ours.

What if an American citizen is waiting in prison for their public defender to take them to trial, but now they have to wait longer. And what if they are innocent? Let’s make it worse – what if they’re innocent and rotting in prison, waiting for the trials of the illegal immigrants to come to a close?

Should we do that to our own people?

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