NY THUG Sees A White Woman In A Wheelchair, Then Slashes Her Face Wide Open!

Here we go again with the media covering up more black on white crime. Can the media ever report the truth? Stop acting like political activists and do your damn job.

Hope they catch this mother f*cker.

From NY Daily News

A 42-year-old woman in a wheelchair woman needed 50 stitches to close her facial wounds after a sicko randomly slashed her early Sunday in East Harlem, police said.


The unknown assailant cut the woman’s face with an unknown object in front of a strip mall on E. 125 St. near Third Ave. at 3:19 a.m., according to authorities.

The victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital for treatment, police said. Read More

From Breitbart

The New York Police Department is asking for help from the public to identify a thug who walked up to a woman in East Harlem and slashed her in the face in an unprovoked attack.

Officials report that a 42-year-old woman who is wheelchair-bound was attacked in front of a storefront on East 125th Street and Third Avenue just after 3 a.m. on Monday.

Hospital emergency room workers say the woman needed 50 stitches to close the wound.

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