NYC Mayor de Blasio To Be Indicted? Facing Criminal Charges

One of Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters was New York City mayor Bill de Blasio. But it seems he took too many pointers from Clinton and their Foundation. Specifically there pay to play antics. He probably thought they got away with it so why can’t he.

De Blasio created the Campaign for One New York which was a so called non profit political fundraising organization on steroids. All it did was promote his progressive agenda. CONY as to the mayor what the Clinton Foundation was to the Clinton family. Nothing more than a scam to get thousands of donors to donate to De Blasio’s pocket so he could partake in his pay to play scandals.

A federal and state grand jury began hearing testimonies in Manhattan by current and former officials of the city who are connected to De Blasio in his criminal undertakings. The New York Times reports that prosecutors are moving closer to indictments against the mayors former aides. One being top political aid Emma Wolfe and Finance Director Ross Offinger.

These people were all knowledgeable about the illegal fundraising efforts of De Blasio while he was campaigning. Which are all considerable pay to play violations. Grand jury proceedings are private so little is known about the witnesses themselves or more details of the case.

Most of the money from Campaign for One New York went to consulting firms such as BerlinRosen, Hilltop Public Solutions and AKPD Message & Media. They are all run Byblos’s men who De Blasio claimed were agents of the city. Making their communications private.

Clearly if you surround yourself with garbage it is what you become. The mayor spent far too much time with the likes of Clinton and now he is being accused of almost the exact same crimes. Hopefully he will actually be held responsible for his actions.


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