NYC Muslim High School Principal BUSTED For What He Secretly Did To Catholic Kids That’ll Make You SICK

When we send our children to school we are entrusting their care to strangers. As parents, we hope that educators will care for our children the same that we do. However, that is not always the case and some educators abuse their authority. That is what some parents discovered was happening in a New York City high school and it will blow your mind.

Parents are demanding answers for why 500 Catholic school kids have been denied entry into Maspeth High School. Principal Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir, who is obviously a Muslim keeps changing his story as to why this happened.

At first, Abdul-Mutakabbir said that it was a simple clerical problem, but that is not what he said before. The New York Post reported that Abdul-Mutakabbir told Juniper Park Civic Association leaders on a previous phone call that parochial applicants pose a “problem”.

Bob Holden who is the president of the association confirmed that call.

“He said, ‘In all honesty parochial schools are a problem because many of the students opt out and don’t go to my school. That leaves a seat [empty] and it costs the school funding’”.

Thankfully, parents are taking this seriously and demanding answers and a full investigation. Jimmy Guarneri, 47, is one of those parents who’s child was denied entry. Guarneri’s son Michael was looking forward to attendingMaspeth High School and were angered when he not accepted.

 “It was almost like they knew who would be accepted, we’re very angry.”

Jimmy Guarneri and his son Michael Guarneri


The cities Department of Education reported that more than 4,000 eighth-graders applied to the school, including 500 Catholic-school kids. However, the principal failed to “mark for priority” 207 Catholic-school students who had attended a Maspeth information session. None were offered a seat in the school.

It may not be completely clear what is going on at this school, but there is something very wrong. However, one this is certain this is another example of a Muslim victimizing supposed “infidels”.

This principal should be out of a job and not allowed to explain a thing. He has caused pain and aggravation to these families and cannot be trusted with students. I hope that the parents demand him to be removed and not bow to political correctness.

H/T [ Pamela Geller ]

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