NYPD Officer ‘Steps’ On Suspect’s Head, Gets 2 Yr Probation, Was He Just Doing His Job!? (VIDEO)

Two years for what? The dude was fighting the cops. I’m really tired of police officers being punished for doing their job. Now..not all cops are innocent blah blah blah. To punish them when trying to arrest suspects is outrageous.

I can see if it wasn’t someone struggling..It is best not to fight cops when being arrested. The left has started this war on cops. Just like they have wars on everything else in this country.

From Breaking911

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson today announced that a New York City Police Officer was sentenced to two years’ probation and instructed to resign following his conviction of misdemeanor assault for stomping on the head of a suspect while he was face down on the ground, in the process of being handcuffed by other officers.

District Attorney Thompson said, “This police officer intentionally and needlessly stomped on the head of a suspect who had already been restrained by fellow officers. And he did so in broad daylight and in front of a crowd of people. He deserved to spend time in jail for committing such a blatant act of police brutality, but we accept the sentence imposed by the court.” Read More

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