Following Monday’s announcement that a grand jury chose to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of robbery suspect Michael Brown, a group of hardcore Constitutionalists descended upon Ferguson with a strong message to anybody who intends on doing harm — they will use lethal force if necessary.

The group of over 35,000 nationwide that is made up of police, fire and rescue, former military, Special Forces and government contractors is seeking more volunteers to assist them in securing businesses and homes in Ferguson, according to Raw Story.

The militia-style group sought veteran police officers and firefighters, HAM radio operators, truck drivers, photographers, and “direct action infantry” with their own body armor and other tactical gear to volunteer for the overnight patrols.

Sam Andrews is organizing the patrols in Ferguson, and he explained why the clandestine militia group has chosen to go to Ferguson and assist law enforcement.

“The people of Ferguson have learned a sad and difficult lesson, that there aren’t enough police and National Guard to help police all the homes and businesses,” he said. “When you see a militarized police force and angry citizens who choose to be violent it becomes a very volatile and dangerous situation.”

The group seeks to stop the widespread looting and riots while protecting the peaceful right to assemble. Andrews told Sky News that they’re willing to use lethal force against out-of-control rioters, should they not be able to subdue them peacefully.

Ferguson residents appear happy that the group is trying to help calm the chaotic scene, according to St. Louis Today. Greg Hildebrand encountered one of the members on a rooftop outside of his home and was relieved after talking to him and finding out what he was doing.

“I am in the middle of a difficult spot,” Hildebrand said. “I feel a lot better having those guys up on the roof.”

A dentist with Ferguson Dental on south Florissant Road was also happy to see their presence. On Monday, a window in the office was shattered and looters stole dental needles and anesthetic, according to Victor Clark.

Oath Keepers Arrive In Ferguson With A Strong Message, Rioters Should Take Notice

“We gave them our keys,” Clark said, when the Oath Keepers arrived. “We didn’t know that much about them, but we got a feeling of trust. You have to do something to protect our building.”

Police are fully aware that the Oath Keepers are now in Ferguson and have talked to several of their members, but they haven’t asked them to leave the city yet.

Since they arrived on Tuesday, the group is certain they’ve helped protect lives and property. They also said that they’re going to stay in Ferguson for as long as it takes to calm the situation.

It’s awesome to see patriotic Americans step up to help others in need. The residents of Ferguson should be able to sleep a little easier knowing they’re there and willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I know I would.

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