SICK: Obama Steals $500 Million From Taxpayers On His Way Out The Door

Despite whatever economic accomplishments Barack Obama wants to tout as part of his legacy (and trust me, there aren’t any), he has to give the disclaimer “and we only had to rack up $20 trillion in debt to pay for it!”

I suppose the “change” in “hope and change” was supposed to foreshadow how loose change is all we’d have left by the end of his presidency.

On January 20, 2009, when he was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. Today it’s $19.96 trillion. Over 9.6 trillion in eight years. Hillary Clinton asks how Donald Trump lost $1 billion in a year – while promising to continue the legacy of a president who lost over a thousand times that per year.

Not all the money was spent on government handouts for citizens. Some were spent on himself. He leaves office with a vacation tab of $100 million (meanwhile, Trump won’t be taking vacations as president).

During his last week in office, he’s given away a number of controversial pardons, such as Chelsea/Bradley Manning, and terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. And, he’s had some cash to give away too…

As Dennis Michael Lynch reported:

On Tuesday, Obama doubled down on this tactic by forking over $500 million in funds to a program that helps developing nations combat climate change and adapt to its consequences.

The program is called the ‘Green Climate Fund’, and it has received U.S. contributions of nearly $1 billion since 2016. The purpose of this fund is to aid in reducing carbon emissions within impoverished nations, by promoting clean energy usage. State Department spokesman John Kirby praised the initiative at a press conference:

“This administration has committed to this fund, in fact helped stand it up, establish it. And it is entirely in keeping with the work that we’ve been doing across the interagency to try to look for ways to stem the effects of climate change, and this fund helps other economies, other countries develop their own initiatives and help them deal with this.”

I’m totally sure that money won’t be completely wasted…

Thank God we’ll have a president to undo all this crap in another 24 hours.

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