Obama Just Gave 6 GITMO Terrorists A MASSIVE Gift After Releasing Them Back Into Society

President Obama had a terrible track record of releasing GITMO terrorists into society. Only an idiot would think they would not return to being terrorists.

However, the newest batch of released terrorists got a nice little sending away present from none other than our commander in chief. You’ll be enraged when you find out why.

The latest group of terrorists have been known as the “Karachi 6.” They were turned over into the custody of law enforcement in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.  Not only are they being released back into society they are being released near a location that is literally right next to jihadist infiltrated regions of Iraq and Syria. Which makes it a no-brainer that they will return to terrorism.


Other infamous GITMO terrorists that President Obama has released are the “Taliban 5.” President Obama had traded them for Bowe Bergdahl, the notorious deserted. They returned to terrorism shortly after being released. God knows they’re probably sitting back laughing at the United States at this very moment for our President’s major misstep.

Fox News even reported that one of Obama’s released prisoners was serving as the top commander and recruiter of ISIS. His name was Abu Nassim, full name Moez Ben Abdulgader Ben Ahmed Al Fezzani. He was re-arrested while trying to travel into Tunisia with 20 other ISIS affiliated people. He’s also connected with terror recruiting on Italy no less.

It is nothing short of treasonous what this man is doing by aiding and abetting people who have committed crimes against humanity. Animals that sell ten-year-old girls into the slave trade. Only can a progressive liberal would let terrorists run free because of his bleeding heart from the sweet, comfortable and safe confines of his secure home.

Perhaps the little children being recruited, raped, and murdered over in the Middle East in Iraq and Syria might have something to say about his actions. Americans certainly do. Our dog isn’t even the main dog in the fight.


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