Obama Admin is Actually Saying They Didn’t Tell Congress Because Taliban Threatened to Kill Bergdahl if Widely Reported Deal Was Leaked


Days after coming under severe scrutiny from members of Congress the Obama administration revised its premise behind the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap.  Congressional officials stated that the Obama administration told them that the Taliban had threatened to kill Bergdahl if any details were leaked, therefore, President Obama decided not to inform congress. There’s a major problem here, this has been news for years, and I actually posted on it one year ago nearly to the exact day today.

Here are some headlines anyone can easily search, we have the most incompetent lying administration to ever run our nation.

I guess the story was leaked in 2013 President Obama, can you come up with a better lie?

The Blaze June 22, 2013


CNN  June 21, 2013


Time June 21, 2013

time magazine

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