Obama Admin Now Targeting And Labeling Americans As This If You Have A Confederate Flag Tattoo! UNREAL!

The US Department of Justice is going after a White Supremacist who beat up a black man. This scum had all kinds of racist crap on his Facebook page… everything from the Nazis to the KKK. He had Aryan Nationalist Alliance logos and pics of Hitler there too. He’s definitely a stone cold racist and I can totally see why he is being charged with a hate crime – although if the man did call him a ‘cracker’, his attorney will surely claim he was provoked. Aside from that, the two guys who beat up the black guy are obviously violent racists.

What I take issue with is the DOJ citing the Confederate flag on his Facebook page and displayed in one of his tattoos as being a sign of racism. It isn’t… anyone who truly knows history knows that the Confederate flag is meant to display Southern pride. It is not a symbol of slavery or racial hatred. That’s just insane.

From The Smoking Gun:

In a hate crimes complaint, the U.S. Department of Justice has identified a criminal defendant’s tattoo of the Confederate flag as “indicative of white supremacy,” according to court records.

Federal prosecutors today announced the filing of criminal charges against a pair of Toledo, Ohio residents in connection with the beating of Adrian Williams, 46, in mid-May. A U.S. District Court complaint alleges that Charles Butler, 33, and Robert Paschalis, 25, assaulted Williams “because he was black.”

The hate crimes charges were announced today by Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, and Ohio federal prosecutors.

In an FBI affidavit supporting the complaint, Agent Ian Moore described Butler as an avowed racist whose Facebook account reveals his “white supremacy.” Agent Moore noted that Butler’s Facebook page includes photos and posts of “Adolph Hitler, burning crosses, Nazi war eagles, Aryan Nationalist Alliance logos, Confederate flags, the Ku Klux Klan, references to President Obama as a monkey, and various white pride symbols.”

In a section of the complaint titled “Evidence of Racial Animus,” the federal agent also noted that Butler has “numerous tattoos indicative of white supremacy, including the German War Eagle, a portrait of Adolph Hitler, a Swastika and a Confederate flag.”

After Butler was arrested, he claimed that his victim had called him a “cracker” due to “his Confederate flag and the ‘Don’t tread on me’ sticker on his truck,” according to the criminal complaint. Thus the vicious beating he gave the guy.

Williams, identified by the initials “A.W.” in the complaint, suffered an orbital fracture and damage to his right eye during the May 18 attack. In a court filing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch reported that state prosecutors asked their federal counterparts to assume jurisdiction because “it is in the public interest and necessary to secure substantial justice.” Let me translate that bullcrap – we want to make an example of this guy to show white America how evil, guilty and racist every one of you are and we will use it to violate your constitutional rights even more. This Administration would love to see a race war break out. That’s their idea of ‘social justice’.

Football player Chris Spencer, a senior at Hurley, shows off his Confederate flag tattoo. “It doesn’t mean racism to me,” he told USA Today. “I just look at it as a flag. It’s our mascot. It just means our school.”

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