Why is it that the National Guard was not utilized to protect the mom and pop stores in Ferguson, but the Obama admin decided to use them to protect stores like Walmart?

This comes even after Ferguson Mayer pleaded for help to have the National Guard  protect local businesses, which obviously was denied.

Reports have stated that the National Guard wasn’t actually activated or in Ferguson when the riots began, but that was proven false , as the National Guard was activated on November 17th, one week prior to the Grad Jury decision. Furthermore, numerous articles exist from the mainstream media stating that the National Guard was ready to assist police after the Grand Jury decision

As the smoke cleared on Ferguson, things became more clear and people wanted answers to why the Mike Brown rioters were not met with resistance when they burned down the city.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder went on the record to insist that President Obama had given an order for the National Guard to “Stand Down” as tensions escalated Monday night.

Here’s the Obama administrations priorities, it wasn’t protecting the people of Ferguson either, it was dividing races and protecting the worlds largest retailer instead of all the local businesses.

The pictures alone paint a  negative story on what and who has priority in Ferguson.

With National Guard:






After National Guard told to “Stand Down”:

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