Obama Administration Says Orlando Jihad Attack Was NOT Islamic Terrorism! (VIDEO)

When it comes to the issue of Islamic extremism, reality of officially optional to the left.

In Obama’s America, a man who merely identifies as a woman is a woman, but an ISIS member who identifies as an ISIS member countless times apparently isn’t really an Islamic extremist. Confused? You should be.

As Eagle Rising reports:

He called the police and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). But NONE of that means that this was a Muslim terrorist attack on Orlando and America.

At least it doesn’t mean these things if you’re a member of the insane Obama administration. How do I know this? Because the Obama administration just told us so.

On Sunday, the Obama team sent Attorney General Loretta Lynch out to make the rounds spinning the story and telling America that the attack was a “Hate Crime” not “Islamic terrorism.”

Yeah – I’m pretty sure shooting up a hundred people for any reason is a crime of hate. What we’re saying is that this particular crime of hate was motivated by Islam.

He knows it was – and how do I know that? Because the FBI initially censored the transcripts of the 911 call the shooter made during the attack, where he pledged allegiance to ISIS and praised Allah.

I think I’ll take his word for it.

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