(Staff Sgt. Sara Keller / Air Force)

Air Force members are now heading to Amari Air Base, in Estonia to provide security to European nations who are being faced with aggression from Russia. 

We are now waging 4 campaigns under President Obama and things on the foreign policy front are boiling over.

Never in my lifetime have I seen so much unrest across the world. The sit back and golf type of leadership is not working for America as our forces are taking up positions from Africa to the Middle east, and now the Baltic’s

[quote_box_center]From the Military Times:  President Barack Obama proclaimed an unwavering and permanent U.S. commitment to the security of its NATO allies, as he mounted a show of solidarity Wednesday with European nations anxious about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

During a visit to Estonia, Obama also announced the U.S. would send more Air Force units and aircraft to the Baltics, and called Estonia’s Amari Air Base an ideal location to base those forces. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Obama ticked through a list of U.S. military resources already at work in the region, and said the U.S. has a duty under the NATO charter to the alliance’s collective defense.

“It is unbreakable, it is unwavering, it is eternal. And Estonia will never stand alone,” Obama said in Tallinn, Estonia’s port capital.

Officials are deciding which units will be involved.

The effort, under Operation Atlantic Resolve, is “still in progress in regards to updates with the Baltic Air Policing mission,” USAFE-AFAFRICA spokesman Capt. William-Joseph Mojica told Air Force Times.

Obama’s firm words came as NATO nations were preparing to commit to a more robust rapid-response force for the region, in response to Russia’s incursion in Ukraine. Moscow’s moves have sparked fears among member states on NATO’s eastern flank that they could be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next target.

Yet shortly after Obama arrived in Europe, the office of Ukraine’s president said he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had reached agreement on a cease-fire — an unexpected development that added further uncertainty to Obama’s meetings with regional leaders.

Obama said it was too early to tell what the cease-fire meant. He noted previous unsuccessful attempts and questioned whether pro-Russian separatists would abide by any cease-fire.

“We haven’t seen a lot of follow-up on so-called announced cease-fires,” Obama said at a news conference with Ilves. “Having said that, if in fact Russia is prepared to stop financing, arming, training, in many cases joining with Russian troops, activities in Ukraine and is serious about a political settlement, that is something we all hope for.”  Continue Reading


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