Obama Has Allowed BLM, Black Power Agenda To Fundamentally Transform America’s Schools

Liberals have always had a large role in the public education system. Most of the teachers I had as a student growing up were liberals, even though I grew up in a town that was primarily Republican. For whatever reason, those with liberal tendencies tend to be attracted to the teaching profession.

And liberal elites are lucky it’s that way, because they need to put a spin on reality to justify their ideology. History exposes the deadly scourge of liberalism. History is a window into the human condition, and for the past 100 years, that condition has suffered under the menace of socialism, communism and fascism, all exclusively responsible for the genocides and mass destruction inflicted on humanity. None of these were right-wing movements (including fascism, even though liberals would argue otherwise. Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism” is a great primer on this).

Liberals will teach that Nazism was a “right wing” movement, apparently unaware that “Nazi” means National Socialist. How many right-wing socialists are you aware of? Only with a monopoly on the public education system can liberals get away with such lies.

The new in the victim cult that is modern liberalism is pushing nonsense about “privilege,” and the like. With that, they’re teaching kids to be anti-Trump, anti-police, and anti-American.

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According to one teacher from New York, who was compelled to expose the blatant liberal brainwashing being imposed on teachers and students alike, “Our schools are no longer part of the solution, but have become part of the problem. They are indoctrinating our children to hate and distrust not only police officers, but America itself.”

The teacher works for Uncommon Schools, a “network of public, charter schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts,” and has documented some experiences in a video for the world to see – experiences you would never know by reading its website.

It’s not hard to see why millennials are so far-left. Past generations actually lived through the rise and fall of communism worldwide, and saw its failure. Those born today haven’t been exposed to that, and are more susceptible to believe whatever their teachers telll them. Not only that, the entire media has a center-left bias (with the exception of FOX), so they’ll never hear an opposing view unless they go looking for it themselves.

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