BOOM: Obama Tells Americans To Report Anything “Suspicious”… This Guy’s Response Is EPIC

Following the September 11th attacks, the slogan “If You See Something, Say Something” became synonymous with the Department of Homeland Security. In the case of liberals however, the slogan might as well be “if you see something, say something, unless they look Muslim.”

Remember Ahmed Mohammed, a.k.a. Clock Boy? He was arrested following his teacher reporting him possessing what looked like a bomb (which later turned out to be a disassembled clock). She said something, and saw something, and yet it turned into a nationwide story about the horrors of “Islamophobia.” Neighbors of the San Bernardino shooter were suspicious of their neighbors’ activity, but didn’t report it to authorities because they feared being called racist. If only they said something, there would have been fourteen people saved.

Following the bombings in NJ and NYC last Saturday, Obama said “Law enforcement is asking for help from the community. And so, everybody in this region — I want to repeat what we’ve said before, If you see something suspicious, then you need to say something.”

That’s common sense, but I doubt he actually believes that he says. The second someone suspicious that’s reported who happens to be Muslim but completely innocent, it’ll just serve as a reminder of how unfairly Muslims are stereotyped in America.

As the Conservative Tribune reported, many quickly saw the hypocrisy. This guy’s response is Epic.


It’s hard to report anything suspicious when doing so makes you a bigot in the eyes of the Obama administration and his allies in the mainstream media.

So remember, if you see something, say something. But if you’re wrong, be ready to be spotlighted as an Islamophobic bigot in the media for the rest of your life. You really can’t win!

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