From Mad World News: A Federal Judge, appointed by President Obama in 2011, blocked Texas voter ID laws. With the liberal war cry of “racist,” he struck them down mere weeks before the election with Democrats loosing ground in three key positions.

It is no secret that Democrats have been trying to infiltrate Texas. “Battle Ground Texas” and Turning Texas Blue are real movements, but in their push to rally Hispanics to their cause of turning Texas into the Progressive capital they want, they hit a snag.

The problem for Democrats, and their hope to build a Democratic majority by motivating Hispanic voters, is that the numbers are misleading. Yes, Texas’ 2014 population of roughly 26 million includes some 10 million Hispanics, but less than half of them are eligible to vote. Those Census Bureau counts from 2010 include at least one million undocumented non-citizens as well as a sizeable number of student visa and green card holders. And then there’s the three million Hispanics under the age of 18. ~Politico

Enter in the 2011 Federal Judge appointed by President Obama, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos (yes, one of the very same judges that sent the border fence to the DC district to be ruled racist).

In her ruling, she bases it clearly on her own racism and not facts in a completely un-Constitutional move of activism from the bench instead of burden of proof by the prosecution against Texas as required. In her 147 page opinion, she states flat-out she found no “smoking gun” that the legislation had any racial intentions (thus in a normal court, no burden of proof equals dismissal). However, instead of dismissing the case, she interjects personal opinion, calling the legislation “racially charged” because she feels the sponsors of the bill “were motivated, at the very least in part, because of and not merely in spite of the voter ID law’s detrimental effects on the African-American and Hispanic electorate.” She also fails to mention that the bill was voted on and passed by the people in the state of Texas.

She even goes as far as using racial slurs (Anglos) and calling it an “unconstitutional poll tax” in order to try to say it creates “an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote.”

I hope that she learned from the “Constitutional Lawyer” President that appointed her thatnon-financial personal misconduct and moral turpitude are grounds for being disbarred.

The Attorney Generals office stated they would appeal the decision immediately.

One of the main individuals challenging this law was the NAACP Defense Fund.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Attorney, Ryan P. Haygood, said that there is no evidence that voter fraud has taken place in Texas. However, the preservation of the integrity of our election system is imperative and there have been numerous documented instances throughout the country of it being compromised.

Perhaps someone should remind Mr. Haygood that the NAACP hypocritically required photo ID in order for participants to march in a rally against  the photo ID requirement to vote, a requirement they claimed was “voter suppression.” ~TPNN

Obama Appointed Judge Blocks Texas ID Law As "Racist" Weeks Before ElectionSo what is at stake that has Turn Texas Blue and Obama appointed judges willing to put disbarment on the line?

This is a map of the 2012 presidential election. Dark blue areas went solidly to President Obama, light blue areas barely went that way. The area along the border happened during a Eric Holder’s failed attempt to revoke the voter ID laws and convincing a federal judge to redistrict Texas right before the election.

Many were confused and didn’t know where to vote. As many as 15 poll worker have been tried and found guilty of voter fraud. Six of these happen to be Congressional District 23.

Congressional District 23, is up for re-election with  incumbent Pete Gallego (D) loosing ground rapidly to African-American candidate Will Hurd (R). (NAACP, you might want to take a look at this while you are fighting the ID laws.)

But a federal court undid that effort, and actually made the 23rd a touch more Democratic than it had been in its earlier iteration. Pete Gallego defeated Canseco in 2012. Canseco sought a rematch in 2014, but lost the Republican primary to former CIA officer William Hurd.

The district still leans a bit toward the Republicans, even in presidential years, and lower Hispanic turnout in a midterm election could hurt Gallego. But Hurd might be a touch too far to the right for the district. This is the only real competitive race in Texas this cycle, so expect it to draw plenty of attention. ~Real Clear Politics

We also have Greg “I sued Obama and won” Abbot versus Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis. Both lost ground to Cathy Glass when they refused to debate the Libertarian candidate. Polls are showing Davis falling dramatically. When hitting an all time high 41% support to Abbot’s 53% in July according to MSNBC, she is now at 39% and falling. Without an illegal alien vote, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Lastly, we have John Cornyn vs David Alameel for Senate. Real Clear Politics is already predicting that the Senate Majority will flip-flop by a landslide (even with Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell in jeopardy and an unlikely third-party candidate taking the lead in Kansas). With many Conservatives disenfranchised by Cornyn, Democrats seem to be trying to take a shot at Texas. One problem stands in their way, all polls show Cornyn leading 50% to 30% with eligible voters. With the BLM challenging the border of Texas and Oklahoma and the EPA trying to say you can float an oil barge in a Texas drainage ditch in city limits so it must be taxed, people would rather back Cornyn than anyone that would agree with Reid and lack of common sense.

Without illegal votes, such as illegal alien votes and the dead, it appears the Democrats do not stand a chance of turning Texas Blue despite countless millions spent from California and New York (as well as the Clinton Foundation, Soros, DNC, Democrat Socialist Party, and Obama personally).

You have to have an ID for many things, including marching for the NAACP or La Raza and collecting welfare, but now one illegal personal opinion from an appointed judge says you don’t need one to vote in Texas, despite them offering free ID cards. Requiring an ID to vote means we’re racist. Only in America.

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