Obama Bars Press From Secret Meeting With American Muslim Leaders This Afternoon


Why the secrecy? president obama plans to meet with American Muslim leaders at the White House in the Roosevelt Room beginning at 3:30PM EST.
Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.15.05 PM(thanks to NTEB)

Just one day after the monstrous murder of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State,  president obama will hold a secret, closed-door meeting with high-ranking American Muslims at the White House.

I can assure you that Obama is not going to ask them to rebuke the quranic texts and teachings that command jihad. Obama is not going to ask them to condemn the jihadic doctrine behind those savage Islamic wars.

They will talk about “islamophobia” and what can be done to silence the few of us who are still brave enough to talk candidly about Islam

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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