Obama Just STUCK IT To Black People With Shocking Admission On His Way Out The Door [VIDEO]

Better late than never… a young, principled black woman named Antonia Okafor voted for Barack Obama twice and thinks that race relations are far worse off after his presidency. She’s now a Trump supporter and a gun rights enthusiast. She came to fame recently through a well done NRA ad. Now, she’s telling it like it is about Barack Obama and his policies. She says she now votes for policies and not because someone looks like her. Good for her.

Okafor also takes a stand against feminists by working with those such as the Students for Concealed Carry. She is a committed leader for more concealed carry policies on campuses as a means of personal empowerment, especially for young women. Okafor is currently a journalist with the Independent Journal Review and her subject of choice is liberal bias on college campuses. She also appears on the Tomi Laren show at TheBlaze frequently. She’s got it going on these days.

From The Daily Caller:

Sadly, America’s race relations are worse off under President Barack Obama, our first black president, says a passionate black graduate student who voted for him twice.

She blames Obama’s eight years of divisive governance spawning dangerous narratives of hate, not President-elect Donald Trump who is wrongly labeled by elites as divisive, even before taking office. Antonia Okafor rose to prominence because of her recent NRA ad, “I Didn’t Listen.”

In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, she says she voted for Obama believing the false and dominant narrative being peddled through the black community that “just because he looks like me, he is best for me.” She then realized that “his policies are harming me, not helping me.” Now, she votes for policies, not the person. She casts herself as a black conservative and is optimistic about Trump’s policies.

The Trump victory, she thinks, was a broad cross-section of Americans of all races saying “enough” to the false narratives and overused labels being thrown at political opponents. As for the labels being thrown at GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Okafor says they only remind her of the disturbing and ridiculous labels given to her, like “racist, misogynist and sexist” or “deplorable” for voting for Trump.

Okafor has expressed that she is very sad and disappointed with Obama’s failures as the first black president. She expected so much more from him. But, that’s what you get with a Marxist. He engendered racism and hatred instead of peace and unity. All one has to do is look at the Chicago atrocity last week to see that in action.

Because of Obama, this country finds itself on the verge of a race war. We are more torn up politically than any time since the Civil War. Okafor has lost many friends for shifting her viewpoint. It’s the cost of standing by your convictions. At one point, she was even surrounded by a hostile, threatening Black Lives Matter mob in Austin, Texas, that chanted “traitor” at her. All of this only strengthens her resolve to stand by what she thinks and believes in. She’s determined to help others.

Okafor knows there are many who would try to keep voices like hers silenced or marginalized because she has the capacity to credibly offer a differing point of view from the elite narratives being driven through the media. She even has her sights on law school. I’m sure whatever she sets her mind to, she will be great at. After all, she’s helping Make America Great Again!


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