BREAKING: We Just Learned Why Obama Shut Down Border Surveillance Program! IT’S TREASON!

Back in September, the Department of Homeland Security is granting as many citizenship applications as it can to try to sway participation in this year’s presidential election. This was following when Democrats and immigration groups had launched a drive to try to get eligible immigrants to become citizens in time to vote against  Donald Trump. The advocates fell well short of their goal of registering 1 million citizens, but the 600,000 they didn’t get to sign up by June have created a massive backlog that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services had to work through.

Thank God that strategy failed, but it’s a stark reminder of why the Left wants illegal immigration. It’s not because they believe that it really is “racist” to oppose illegal immigration. It’s not because they’re unaware of the devastating consequences of illegal immigration, whether it be the damage it does economically or culturally.

They support illegal immigration because it’s the first step in a two part strategy. Bring in as many illegals as possible – then grant them all amnesty! With 10-15 million illegals in the nation currently, that’s one hell of a base of Democrat voters they can rely on once they’re naturalized.

The Democrat establishment must be peeing themselves now that Donald Trump won. They must be, as even Obama is trying to hedge against it. As the Federalist Papers reported:

“Operation Phalanx” as it was called, authorized the allocation of 1,200 soldiers and airmen from the National Guard to assist Customs and Border Patrol along the U.S.-Mexico border. The program also used hi-tech UH-72 helicopters and other surveillance programs to target drugs and illegal aliens entering the country.

The program is officially terminated. When it was scaled back last February, lawmakers representing Americans on the border, from Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar or Laredo to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, were furious, is reporting.

They sent letters and requests to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security begging them to continue the program.

Last September, Abbott’s office requested additional aerial observation resources along the Mexican border, a point reiterated in Monday’s letter. “Given the recent surge of migrants from Central America and Cuba along the southern border, we believe DHS should request more surveillance and security resources, not fewer,” Cuellar and Abbott wrote.

But Obama never responded. Not a peep. No explanation, no justification.

Why? According to the statistics, in the Laredo sector alone, the program accounted for more than 10,500 apprehensions and 4,000 “turnbacks” between March 2012 and December 2015. The Operation Phalanx was credited with seizing 12,851 pounds of narcotics, reports.

Was the program so successful because it worked too well? Proving that there is a massive surge of drugs and illegal aliens crossing our border, despite what the mainstream media is telling you?

Leftists and “progressives” want you to believe our border is safe. There’s no reason for a “wall,” or to crack down on “sanctuary cities” or deport criminal illegal immigrants.

Everything is just fine.

Well, everything aint just fine. Thank God the clock is ticking down until we get we finally get a border wall. It’s only a few hundred years too late…

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