BREAKING: Obama Does Unthinkable And Blames These People For The Chicago Hate Crime!

Four African American adults were charged with hate crimes in Cook County of Chicago, Illinois after torturing and kidnapping an eighteen year old mentally disabled young man. The mainstream liberal media has remained largely silent about it as has the President. President Obama has remained loudly quiet about this hate crime.

The suspects were identified, arrested, and charged with numerous felony charges. As they tortured the victim in a self made video they can be heard screaming, “F— white people!” and “F— Donald Trump!”

The little the President did say on the attack was the following,

“I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better. But I think what we have seen over the last several years, when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the internet, the horrific hate crimes that we appear to have seen on Facebook.”

When further pushed for his reaction over the terrible tragedy he said the following,

“Oh, it’s terrible. So part of what technology allows us to see now is the terrible toll that racism and discrimination and hate takes on families and communities. But that’s part of how we learn and how we get better. We don’t benefit from pretending that racism doesn’t exist and hate doesn’t exist.”

The outgoing President at possibly the most blasé response to such a heinous act that it is utterly ridiculous. Had this been an instance where a white police officer attached an African American individual than everyone, including the President who be completely up in arms and talking about it constantly.

The fact that he believes and is telling people race relations have gotten better after something like this happened and especially in light of the police and African American hostility just goes to show how largely inept and out of touch he is.

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