Obama & Clinton “CLEAN UP” Email Leaked!!!


YIKES! I don’t think we can take much more of the Obama and Hillary corruption going on in D.C. much longer…and that’s just basing it off of what we know now. That’s a small percentage of what they are actually doing behind closed doors…that’s terrifying!

We just can’t seem to get ahead of this Hillary email scandal, can we? There is further evidence showing the massive level of corruption that is going on, and skeletons keep coming out of the closet….

However, the problem is…they are being ignored. Left and right.

Now, thanks to WikiLeaks we have learned something expected but still very SICKENING to hear about…

Remember when Hillary’s email scandal broke out and everyone was in an uproar. Well, do you also remember what Obama’s reply was? Here, let me remind you…

You heard the man right? He had NO idea what was going on or that Hillary had a private email server, at least not until we ALL did. Strange isn’t it? He’s the president of the United States, and he didn’t know something before the American people did?

Mr. Obama…THAT’S WORSE than just telling the truth!

Well, now we have just learned that “Mr. Transparency” is a FAT LIAR (well that part we knew) but that he straight up LIED to the American people about when he learned about Hillary Clinton’s PRIVATE server. Get a load of this…


There you have it ladies and gentlemen of American. Barack Obama, who is the President of the United States of America… CLAIMER of being the MOST “Transparent” President in the history of America…flat out LIED to us.

All this time there he was holding his head high, and looking down his nose at anyone who gets caught doing anything in DC, right next to his wife who spends her days giving speeches talking about other people’s sins all day long… and he lied to us.

Look at them now…. absolute DIRTBAGS!