Obama Complains That Michelle Obama Is Not Getting Paid, Watch What Happens Right After (VIDEO)


As Reported By Q Political: Barack Obama just implied that he believes Michelle should be paid for what she does. Obama has been no stranger to overspending tax payers money with what he does.

We absolutely know the job is stressful and intense, but have some darn discretion about how you spend the money of people who you’re supposed to be serving.

He says that Michelle works really hard and doesn’t get paid for it, but the change is that he’s getting paid plenty of money while having living expenses paid for by us.

She’s actually fairing pretty well when you think that the people she’s serving are the ones actually putting food on her table.

This doesn’t stop the Obama family from spending over $8 million dollars in flight expenses alone on vacations.
I don’t know about you, but if I had 1/8th of what they spent on flights for just vacations, I’d be pretty happy.

In travel expenses total they’ve spent $45 million dollars. But you know what? Michelle deserves to be paid.

It’s not enough that we are paying for everything for her.

These entitlement issues are a big part of the problem of the Obama administration.

Watch the full video below of Obama complaining about her not being compensated for the ‘hard’ work she does.

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