Look What Obama Did To Piss Off ENTIRE Country Club, Now He’s Not Allowed Back!

Members of an exclusive country club in the Washington D.C. metro area are taking a swing at President Obama over his recent actions against Israel. Those at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland are trying to keep the outgoing President out of their club. It is a predominantly Jewish club and people are not happy over his siding with Palestine in the recent United Nations resolution vote.

It’s unknown if the President would even seek membership there, but even if he did he will have some major pushback. Members are sending out numerous emails to club President Barry Forman as well as General Manager Brian Pizzimento saying that the president is not welcome.

This is in retaliation for the president’s decision to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution which took away sovereign land from Israel in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Secretary of State John Kerry even gave a speech denouncing prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arguing he was attempting to undermine the two-state solution.

In a December 26th email that the Washington Post attained, Faith Goldstein who made a longtime member said the following,

“[President Obama] has created a situation in the world where Israel’s very existence is weakened and possibly threatened. He is not welcome at Woodmont. His admittance would create a storm that could destroy our club. ”

A December 15th email from Marc B. Abrams whose a Bethesda attorney showed him discussing how it’s inconceivable how club leaders who even entertain the idea of granting the President membership. He said,

If you have views on this matter, I would urge you to make them known quickly. Timing is critical.”

While in vacation in Hawaii or on Andrews Air Force Base the president has racked up more than 300 days on the golf course. But since the family is staying in Washington D.C. until their youngest daughter graduates high school he will likely look for a club he can go to.

President Obama has played several rounds at the course in the past and unverified reports indicate Woodmont would be his first country club of choice to golf at. But representatives from the golf course have not responded to a Fox News for comment.

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