Well, Well, Well… Looks Like Obama Was The Biggest Interference This Election

Ever since their were allegations that Russia attempted to hack our electoral systems to try and help Donald Trump win the liberals have been going crazy.

First, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party tried to spear head a recount.

Now the Democrats are trying to blame Putin and Russia for hacking into the electoral system. But evidence proves that President Obama was the only real interference in the presidential election.

Considering all his work to bus in illegal immigrants to vote which in turn likely swayed the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor to allow her to win the popular vote he has no room to get upset.

During his 2008 campaign he helped bus in illegals to vote.

Now via his progressive DREAMER policy and amnesty policy he is allowing non-citizens to gain citizenship and vote.


That resulted in the fake popular vote win for Clinton. President Elect Trump said it best when he tweeted that he really won the popular vote if you did not count the millions of illegal immigrants that voted. Yet liberals and progressives alike criticized it and called it bizarre. Look at his statements on Twitter here.


The Democrats cannot keep a good man down. And the American people believed in him. Despite all of the work to the contrary. Irregardless President Elect Trump won because he got the electoral college which he won fair and square. While he lost the popular vote it was no doubt due to the nefarious dealings of President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and all of their cronies.

President Elect Trump deserves justice and a recount but as he well knows it is a waste and it does not matter. Because at the end of the day he is President, and now that is all that matters.

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