If Obama Gets His Way Empire State Building Will Be Lit ‘Islam Green’ on 9/11—Not Red/White/Blue

Liberals have long silenced debate with language. Don’t want to have to offer a rebuttal to an argument? Just scream “racist, sexist, or homophobe!” and your work is done.

After criticizing Islam became mainstream following September 11th, liberals had to come up with a term to silence criticism of Islam, and they settled on “Islamophobia.” If it’s radical Islam you’re criticizing, I have yet to understand why Islamophobia would be irrational. A phobia is supposed to be an irrational fear – when the enemy tells you they want you dead, is it an irrational fear to fear it?

I have a proposal for a new term in the dialogue: Islamophilia. Is there a more appropriate term for those in the media who will defend Islam at any costs, denying that the religion is capable of causing any harm? The mental gymnastics have been so perfected that ISIS can “self identify” as Islamic, and liberals in the media will deny it. Meanwhile, a man can identify as a woman and they’ll say “sure, why not?”

Among those who will defend Islam is our Islamophile in chief: President Barack Obama.

Via Mad World News

The Empire State Building is an iconic building in New York that lights up different colors throughout the year. Many Americans may not be aware that in the past the Islamists have gotten it lit up “Islam Green” for their holy days. As 9/11 approaches, the Empire State Building may be lit up “Islam Green” again for one ridiculous reason that should infuriate Americans.

The Islamists holy days are lunar, revolving around the full moon cycle, and one of their biggest days is called “Eid al-Adha,” meaning “The Feast of Sacrifice and Bloodletting.” Simply put, it’s a really sick day where Muslims sacrifice animals, slicing their throats and making sure they suffer a slow death in a cruel ritual that makes the meat “halal,” which is required for Muslims to eat any animal meat.

This year, it’s a really good possibility that their big feast of sacrifice will fall on 9/11, and in the past, due to the liberal cries of Islamophobia, they have lit up the great Empire State Building in “Islam Green“on these Muslim holy days.

It should be noted that if this Islamic holiday is to fall on 9/11, it will be by chance, not by design. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the decision to highlight the Empire State Building green isn’t by design.

You know that liberals would be whining if the Building were lighten up with colors to celebrate Christmas, yet when it comes to celebrating a religion that less than 1 percent of the US population adheres to, they’re all game.

Last year when the Building was illuminated green, it was less than 24 hours following the Chattanooga jihad mass murder – and this year it might fall on 9/11. This is a massive coincidence, since it’s not like Muslims get to choose what day the holiday falls on, but it should serve as a reminder to the rest of us what that religion truly represents.

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