Obama Uses Final Press Conference To Sneak In SICK Instruction For His Minions To Do THIS To Trump

President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush showed the world and our country what leaving with grace and dignity really meant when they welcomed the Obamas to the White House with respect and class. To this day the Obamas mention from time to time how gracious the Bushes were to them despite the harsh political system. But now President Obama has made it clear he will not provide the same to the Trumps.

He had a farewell press conference on Wednesday where he stood side by side with his press secretary Josh Earnest. He discussed what the future has to hold and his feelings on the inauguration and the president.

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The now former president said that he is still going to be a private citizen without the same latitude of power he had before. But that he will stand up and speak out when he feels that certain Americans are being systemically discriminated against. He and his wife Michelle will also be working to create community Obama centers in the south side of Chicago and eventually across the nation.

Having the right to speak up doesn’t always mean that one should. People in positions of power should always exercise correct judgment when choosing to speak out. Not simply use it as an opportunity to castigate people they don’t like and disagree with constantly.

Obama’s press conference lasted for an hour and he discussed a myriad of different issues. He appeared at the inauguration today. He greeted the Trumps at the U.S. Capitol and then at the White House. Shortly after he and his wife departed on Marine One renamed “Executive One” for a vacation in Palm Springs, using his privilege of having a final trip on an Air Force One flight that all presidents have used.

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