HOLY CRAP! Look Who Obama Just Covertly Flew In Overnight To Destroy Trumps Plan!

A situation that involves Australia, Iranian refugees, Obama, and a whole lot of bad immigration policy has just resurfaced. Australia has very strict immigration laws, and really, it puts America’s current policy to shame. This is especially true now because when Trump beat out Hillary Clinton for the highest office in the land, Obama went ahead and pressed down on the accelerator of his progressive Marxist agenda.

It’s been almost a year now from when “asylum seekers” from Iran tried to enter into Australia. Unfortunately for them, that wasn’t going to happen on Australia’s watch. The government redirected about 900 Muslims from Iran to relocate on Papua New Guinea, and more specifically to the islands of Manus and Nauru.

This didn’t sit well with the Iranians, as they began to complain about their living conditions in their host nation, which by the way, had no say in the matter even though they had overstayed their welcome. Most of the Iranians have been on the island for three to four years, even though the agreement on their stay was shorter.

Australia had actually offered each of them $10,000 to return back to their countries, or take that money and make a life on Papua New Guinea…They didn’t like that.

So now that brings us to the role Obama played in this debacle. After the election, he made the moves to get these people into America, and with the vetting system that the intelligence agencies warned could not possibly cover so many coming in, that will prove to be a problem for Trump’s administration unless they can track and identify who these people are.

I’m all for immigration. Bring in the best. Bring in the ones that really appreciate and yearn for the freedoms that America offers. Bring in the individuals that would be proud to become Americans…

Don’t bring in the ones that take advantage of the system, and despise us.

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