SICK! Guess Where Obama Was Just Found Hiding After Florida Bloodbath — This ISN’T GOOD!

A tale of two Presidents and the stark difference between the two. After the Ft. Lauderdale massacre, Gov. Rick Scott called Vice President-elect Mike Pence and President-elect Donald Trump multiple times. He did not call Barack Obama once. Trump tweeted out his concern for the victims of the horrific attack and what did Obama do? Well, he got ready to attend a wedding in Florida. That’s right… he didn’t visit the site of the attack or visit the governor of that state… he went to a freaking wedding for an aide. Priorities much?

This is one of Obama’s last trips aboard Air Force One and I guess he didn’t want to spoil his memories with something as mundane as a bloody terrorist attack on American soil. The aide is Marvin Nicholson who is marrying a former Obama campaign staffer, Helen Pajcic. She’s also the daughter of Obama fundraiser Steve Pajcic. Ah, now I see the priorities coming into view and they all have to do with money. Figures.

From USA Today:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla, — Taking one of his last trips on Air Force One, President Obamaflew to Jacksonville Saturday to attend the wedding of White House aide Marvin Nicholson — whose job it is to arrange the president’s travel.

Nicholson is marrying Helen Pajcic, a Jacksonville native, 2008 Obama campaign staffer and the daughter of Obama fundraiser Steve Pajcic, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Nicholson, a frequent Obama golf partner, has a unique role at the White House that puts him in almost constant contact with the president. His full title is special assistant to the president, trip director and personal assistant to the president.

The president has spoken frequently about how much he’ll miss travelling on Air Force One once he leaves office later this month. On Saturday, he took a smaller “baby” Air Force One to the wedding, and reporters accompanying him could see him watching the Oakland Raiders play the Houston Texans in the AFC wild card game on ESPN.

Accompanying him was Secretary of State John Kerry.

And Nicholson holds a special place in Obama’s heart. They are golfing buddies and hang together all the time. Obama also got to watch football on the way. Nope… no concern for the dead in Florida or a guy claiming his allegiance to ISIS (and setting himself up for an insanity plea). So, while Donald Trump was on the phone and addressing the attack, Obama was flying, watching sports and prepping for a wedding where he could glad hand those who throw money his way. Sickening.

Obama called it a quick trip on baby Air Force One… where’s his quick trip to Ft. Lauderdale? Where’s his call to officials and to the victims? He didn’t even address the attack until long after Trump did. Just who is more presidential here? The answer is obvious and America can’t wait for Obama to exit stage left and to welcome a real President in Donald J. Trump.


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