Obama FURIOUS When He Learned What His Brother Did Behind His Back On July 4th

It goes without saying that Barack Obama and his brother Malik Obama do not see eye to eye on many issues. These two brothers could not be any more different from each other, and it is too bad that America got stuck with the wrong Obama. Which apparently, Malik agrees with since he has been calling out his younger brother’s actions for over a year now. During the election last year, Malik Obama made no secret that he was a HUGE fan of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump which of course ticked Barack off. However, it is what Malik Obama posted on the Fourth of July that has Barack Obama fuming. 

Malik Obama has been vocal about his lack of support for his brother Barack Obama. Of course, this must be a huge bone contention for the former president who claims to be a great unifier and family man. Often we have heard Obama say how much his family means to him, but that is obvious it does not include Malik. For instance, earlier this year Malik Obama tweeted Barack Obama’s alleged real birth certificate, with the name Barack Hussein Obama II, from a hospital in Kenya. Now, we cannot verify the document is real, but here is the Twitter post concerning the document.

Of course, this tweet must have pissed off Barack and Michelle Obama considering all the questions surrounding Obama’s birthplace. But, if that didn’t do it is most certainly what Malik Obama posted on Independence Day that did tick him off. 

Just a couple days ago we celebrated the Fourth of July, and social media was abuzz with posts concerning our nation’s birthday. While our politicians and media pundits sent out celebratory tweets, Barack Obama was of course silent.

Though the former narcissist in chief has been sure to post about the other events in the country.

For instance, Barack Obama took the time to tweet about healthcare.

Here is Obama on Father’s Day…

And, here is Obama tweeting again about gun violence.

So, when July 4th rolled around you would think that he would send out a message to the American people about our nation’s birthday. If you thought that you were very wrong. I mean we all know that Barack Obama has nothing but contempt and hatred for America, so it should come as no surprise that he would not recognize this historic day.

Not only was Barack Obama’s Twitter account silent, but so was Michelle Obama’s account. In fact, the only person in the Obama family to wish America a happy Fourth of July was Malik Obama.

You can tell who has respect for our country and who does not.

Oh, but even though the Obama’s completely forgot the Fourth of July, their interns running their propaganda sites did not.

Even Chelsea Clinton sent out an Independence Day tweet, though it was a bit on the snarky side.

Here is more from Breitbart:

The former president spent his day overseas at a conference in Seoul, South Korea — but back home, his social media accounts displayed not a hint of the holiday his countrymen were celebrating this July Fourth.

There was no mention of Independence Day on Obama’s official Twitter account.

Indeed, Obama’s last tweet came on June 22, where he was last seen trying to whip up his Democrat followers to oppose any changes to his signature healthcare law.

Four days before that, the ex-president was thrilled to join the nation in celebrating Father’s Day.

But again, there was not a hint of any good wishes for his countrymen celebrating Independence Day on Twitter.

The former president’s Facebook page was no more patriotic than his Twitter account. Like his Twitter page, the last full entry on his Facebook page was also a political plea to supporters to resist Republican changes to Obamacare.

At press time on Wednesday, there was still no message wishing Americans a happy Independence Day holiday.

Former President Barack Obama had far more important things to do on July Fourth in South Korea this year–like attacking the current president.

At any rate, even though Barack Obama and Michelle Obama snubbed America again, we thankfully have a president now who is patriotic. Take a look at what President Trump tweeted on America’s special day.

Not only did President Trump show his patriotic side to the country, but so did our lovely First Lady Melania Trump, and the rest of the Trump family.

It really does not suprise me that Barack and Michelle Obama did not show any respect for our countries birthday. They never respected America in the past before so why would they start now? Barack Obama has done all he could to show the country his disdain for America and its citizens with every disguting policy he enacted. 

Thankfully, he is out of office and we finally have president that loves our country and has a desire to make it great again.


H/T [ Milo Yiannopoulos ]

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