Obama Looking to Make Gay Bar First LGBT National Monument


If you needed something else to put in the box of ridiculous things President Obama focuses other than what’s really important then look no further. The President could potentially be naming a gay bar as a LGBT monument. Forget about poverty, the migrant crisis, or ISIS he’s got the most important issue covered.

The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village is an already established National Historic Landmark. A police raid in 1969 took place that ended up devolving into riots of LGBT community members calling for equal protection under the law. The very first gay pride parade took place the next year. Now people are asking President Obama to name it as the first LGBT monument commemorating their rights.

Federal government officials are apparently in favor of this proposal. U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, members of Congress and other officials came together at the beginning of the month to recieve feedback on the proposal. Apparently they liked it.

This proposal would provide the bar with the second highest recognition in the U.S. National Park Service. Since President Obama’s repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell he likes to tout himself as a LGBT activist. Despite his legacy prior to office of being anti-gay marriage.

Yahoo reported a White House spokesperson commenting that the President was aware of the “overwhelming support” the proposal had received. However, their has also been backlash by people who argue that monuments should recognize American founding fathers and war heroes only.

Of all the silly and frivolous things to focus on this one certainly takes the cake. But why talk about the important things going on in our country when you can pander to specific demographics in order to boost your own dismal approval ratings. President Obama never ceases to take the opportunity to make the wrong decision, ever.