Obama Gets A NASTY Surprise Immediately Getting Off Private Jet

Boy does Obama have a serious crush on himself or what? I mean, that ego has earned him the stage name “Sasha Fierce” if you ask me. Beyonce, and him are match made in heaven. One is just as nasty as the other.

In fact, the man’s ego is so big he truly believes he is the most popular leaders in the world. Yes he is well-known, and probably more so than any other…but not for the reasons he has the audacity to think.


However, eventually when you walk around thinking your sh*t smells like roses…one day your CRAP gets pushed back in. That day has come for Obama, and boy it’s not a pretty sight, but it’s pretty funny!

The guy thinks he’s all that but got a real slap in the face from reality when he landed in Greece and was received total OPPOSITE of what he was expecting. Silly lame duck President…

It was reported that over 5,000 people in the Greek capital Athens took it upon themselves to welcome Obama by taking to the streets for a RIOT. I mean, how fitting right? He’s been the cause of every riot in America for the last 8 years just for the fact that he chooses to lead from behind, and that’s the very thing the welcomed him with?


It was explained that they rioted because of Obama’s inability to tackle “Islamic extremists”…


“While the Greek government is trying to present the visit of Obama as a visit of a peacemaker, thousands of demonstrators came onto the streets to protest US policy in parts of the world from Latin America to Middle East, Afghanistan and Syria,” Chatzistefanou said, according to Conservative Tribune.

The protesters even burned the American flag to show how much they hate Obama.

WHOA NOW! People come on…we all know that Obama has nothing to do with the American flag, other than allow others to disrespect it left and right as they please. So, that was going a bit too far.

I don’t know about you, but I CANNOT wait to see what happens once Trump enters the White House. America is about to become great again, and as such…so with the countries who stand with us.

That’s what a leading nation does.

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