Obama Goes Full-Retard: Police Can ‘Make The Job If Being A Cop A Lot Safer’ By Admitting Their Failures

I thought liberals were supposed to be the ones against victim blaming?

Apparently not. If a suspect reaching for a police officer’s gun is shot, the blame is all on the officer… for some reason. I thought that Barack Obama claiming that it’s easier for teenagers to purchase a glock than book was the dumbest thing he said during his Presidency, but it looks like he’s actively trying to top that.

MRCTV reports:

America’s police will be safer when they admit they have a problem, Pres. Obama declared on Sunday at a bilateral event with the prime minister of Spain in Madrid.

Fielding a question on Sunday, July 10, about the violence against police in Dallas, Texas last week, which left five officers dead, Obama said police officers will be safer once they acknowledge their failures:

“There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters.

“And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions.  And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot saferIt is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them and that the kind of rancor and suspicion that exists right now is alleviated.”

So how is this going to work out? Cases where a person shot by the police make up a minority of deaths to police – and in the vast majority of those cases, they were either attacking someone or reaching for a police’s weapon.

So most of these killings are justified. Does Obama think that police will never be in the position of having to defend themselves if they “acknowledge that there’s a problem.” I don’t think someone whose going to attack police is going to say to themselves “wait – this cop thinks there’s a problem? Never mind then.”


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