Obama Has A Sick Name For America That Confirms Our Worst Suspicions About Him—He DIDN’T Want It To Get Out

A biographer for President Obama just made an admission about how he feels about the United States and it will confirm what we were thinking all along. He claims that the former President called America a racist society back in his law school days in his unpublished manuscript. The author is a man named David Garrow.

The biography was worked on with a man named Robert Fischer in the early 1990s. Allegedly, Obama and Fischer wrote the following,

Racism against African Americans continues to exist throughout American society, an admittedly racist culture. Precisely because America is a racist society we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions toward blacks over the long haul. The greatest testimony to the force of racist ideology in American culture is that it infects not only the mind of whites, but the minds of blacks as well.”

Their are reportedly over one hundred and forty pages in the manuscript. This was at a time when the former President was entering public service work in Illinois and leaving law school. Garrow made a vague comment about how he felt that people would be surprised and shocked by how little they know about the President’s life. He even said that he felt the 2004 book Dreams From My Father wasn’t entirely accurate.

Garrow isn’t just a bottom feeder either. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1986 and it was on his biography for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the soon to be released book on President Obama he conducted approximately one thousand interviews.

Their you have it. Our former President thought the United States was a racist society. Our President should love their country unequivocally and without question or hesitation. That was never President Obama. Our country lost out because of that. Thankfully that is not the case anymore.

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