WATCH Obama Lose Control With Hillary Fans, And Blows Up On Them! SHUT UP! IM SPEAKING!

President Obama made an appearance and gave a speech at a rally on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Trying to get her more support before election day which is only mere days away. But some commotion broke out during the speech that made the President rather upset.

About ninety percent of the audience was African American. But one man started protesting, and it appeared that he was a veteran.

Watch the video here to see how the President responded to the supporter of Trump,

Some people who were at the event went to Twitter to express their opinions about his response. See here,

President Obama yelled at the crowd,

“Hey, he, hey, hey, hey!! HOLD UP! SIT DOWN! I’m speaking! BE QUIET!! HOLD UP!”

Obama goes on to yell at the crowd and asks them to quiet down. But they do not. The crowd boos the gentleman protesting. Obama points his finger a little bit. When the crowd is able to settle down a little bit more he explains that they should not boo the man just because they disagree with them. He says that he is expressing his first amendment right and that it should be respected. The crowd jeers and yells in agreement to what he says. Despite having booed just moments prior.

Obama ends by saying that they should also respect him because he looked like he was a veteran and veterans should be respected. He also said that he was an older looking man and we should respect our elders. You may not like the President but what he did was presidential. He may disagree but he respects the discourse and the disagreement.

Apparently Obama’s fans don’t care anymore as he’s not running. Definitely doesn’t bode well for Hillary who needs African-Americans to show up en-masse in order to win!

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