President Obama and Hillary Clinton have done everything in heir power to prevent a smooth transition for President Elect Donald Trump. President Obama has been handing down executive orders and taking preventive action to ensure their are certain things the new incoming president cannot do and change. While Hillary Clinton worked with Jill Stein to spearhead a recount that actually gave President Elect Trump more votes in the end. Now Donald Trump has a great New Years response for them.

Look at Trump’s New Years wish for for all those friend and foe,


Democrats are being vindictive sore losers. Trying to throw a wrench into Trump’s immigration plan as well as environmental plan. In reality they are just mad because they do not understand why they lost the election. As Biden and Obama said, it is because Democrats did not listen to the working, angry, blue collar, middle class. But most importantly it is because America simply wanted to end the Clinton dynasty. They were sick and tired of the crony capitalists.

Watch a short video of President Obama’s presidential legacy he has left after the last eight disastrous years. It is nothing like the one Donald Trump will lead.

It was not Russia, James Comey, Donald Trump, Huma Abedin or anything else. America simply did not want Hillary Clinton as our president. But her team simply cannot accept that. As President Elect Donald Trump promised, this is the year he is going to start making America great again. Especially now with a Republican supermajority in Congress, the Senate and the White House.

Happy New Years!

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