BREAKING: Here’s EXACTLY Why Obama Decided Not To Move Back To His Hometown

As President Obama’s time in the White House comes to a close he and his family are beginning to transition into civilian life. The Obamas will be moving into a home in the suburbs of Washington D.C. for what they claim is being supportive of their teenage daughter who is still in school. But in reality they have no way to go back to Chicago, Illinois, their real home which is a war zone and in shambles.

In 2016 alone there were a reported 762 homicides which is a 57 percent rise in the rate since last years statistics were released. Watch as a Fox News reporter indicates how embarrassing this must be for the President and the real reason why he refuses to return to Chicago.

Chicago is one of the cities with the must gun policy and gun prevention legislation in the country. Yet it also has some of the worst homicide and gun violence rates in the nation as well. Which indicates a complete and utter failure on the President’s part considering how this is his hometown.

As reported Charles Hunt says in the video,

“Imagine what it must be like to be him and all he’s tried to accomplish over the last 8 years has been completely, totally rejected by the voters but he’s being replaced by a guy who aims to come in and piecemeal and undo it all… If you look around the world, find me one place either in America or in the world where things are better off today than they were 8 years ago? I mean Chicago is so bad he can’t even go back and live there with his daughter, with his family.”

Obama’s comeuppance is quickly approaching considering Donald Trump will take office in a matter of weeks. His legacy is over and his worst work will be repealed.

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